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Updated Secondary Scope and Sequence
by Nina Atcheson - Tuesday, 22 January 2013, 10:48 AM

Secondary Encounter Teachers -

We're sure you've hit the ground running for the year and are amidst much planning for the coming months. Please note the changes we've recently made to the Year 10 Scope and Sequence (See the Secondary Page and General Supporting Materials for an updated copy.)

As a result of some feedback we've had, and the depth that is necessary for the nature of the units in Year 10, we've combined some of the topics. You will therefore notice there are now only FIVE units in Year 10. Our hope is that you will go deeper into these big topics and that you won't feel the pressure of time as much as you may have otherwise.

Year 10 is the culmination of your students' Encounter journey. We hope and pray that they will make decisions for Jesus and continue to walk with Him in the here-and-now and beyond.