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The Greatest Gift
by Julie-Anne Heise - Tuesday, 11 December 2012, 2:38 PM

Christmas giftI’ve been listening to a song by Matthew West a lot lately, ‘Leaving Heaven’. It starts off with these words:
“Well, it’s been real nice living way up here
In paradise, over the atmosphere
But I can’t stay long, gotta make my way
I’m leaving Heaven today”

It has been playing on my mind quite a bit – the point of Christmas, what we have done to Christmas, what our focus is, and so on… I have come to realise, anew, just how amazing our God is, and how awesome Jesus is.

Another verse of this song goes like this:
“Ain’t gonna be no kingdom, ain’t gonna be no crown
Just a little old manger, in a little old town
But it’ll do just fine for this humble King
I’m leaving Heaven let all the angels sing”

This is our Jesus, our God, our Redeemer, Creator, Lord and King. The wise men and the shepherds were filled with awe when they were confronted with the reality of God in human form. Are we filled with an overwhelming sense of awe at the incredible gift that Christmas represents? C. S. Lewis said, "Beware of supposed Christians who possess insufficient awe of Christ."

Matthew West finishes his song with this poignant reminder:
“And if you ever wonder what my love is worth
Well you should know
That I’m the reason you’ll be seeing Heaven
Oh, you’re the reason why I’m leaving Heaven”

Have a blessed Christmas

From the Adventist Encounter Curriculum Team