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Adventist Schools Australia is pleased to provide Early Encounters with Jesus as a Christ-centred, Bible-based curriculum for three to five year olds. Informed by current early childhood research and best practice, the twenty-eight units aim to facilitate authentic spiritual growth and faith development in young children. Our goal is that Early Encounters will act as a tool in the hands of educators, encouraging children along a pathway of faith through daily encounters with Jesus. As they experience Bible stories, discover the joy of service, explore God’s creation, and celebrate their learning, our hope is that children will not only learn about Jesus, but come to love Him as a personal Friend.

“The soul of the little child that believes in Christ is as precious in His sight as are the angels about His throne. They are to be brought to Christ, and trained for Christ.” (That I May Know Him, E. G. White,  p.40)

This section provides key documents to support your Early Encounters implementation, including various formats of the Scope and Sequence, the Communities of Faith and Learning Model, and the Early Encounters Framework.

Here you will find all the units and associated resources.

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