Listed below are all the primary year levels (these are based on AU). Once you select each link, you will be asked to enrol before you can view the content.

Each associated year link has information about all the units which have been released so far, and information in regards to upcoming units. A dedicated year level forum is also available to provide feedback. Any other associated resource files will also be contained in these pages.

We strongly encourage every one to come back regulary and contribute to this site, so over time it becomes a good resource and knowledge base for all Bible teachers.

Currently only Early Learning and Kindy resources are up-to-date. For other year levels, contact 

Included here are some overview documents and a template to help you develop your own units.

Unit K.1A Salvation

For Kindy teachers

Unit 1.1A The Promise Club

For year 1 teachers.

Unit 2.1A Son-Seekers

For year 2 teachers.

Unit 3.1A Let's Celebrate

For year 3 teachers.

Unit 4.1A

For year 4 teachers.

Unit 5.1A

For year 5 teachers.

Unit 6.1A

For year 6 teachers.